Composite Dental Fillings

Tooth Colored Fillings in Brighton, CO

Galaxy Smiles For Kids, nestled in the heart of Brighton, CO, has redefined pediatric dental care with composite dental fillings. These fillings, a harmonious blend of durability and visual appeal, are meticulously crafted to suit young smiles. Unlike traditional fillings, these are made from a composite of plastic and fine glass particles, closely resembling the natural hue of teeth. This choice is a hallmark of our kids dental office, ensuring every tooth filling repairs and blends seamlessly with your child’s smile.

Advantages of Composite Dental Fillings

The superiority of composite dental fillings lies in their capability to bond directly with the tooth structure, reinforcing it and reducing the likelihood of future damage. This is especially crucial for developing teeth in children. Furthermore, their conservative nature means less of the natural tooth needs to be altered, aligning with the Brighton pediatric dentist philosophy of preserving natural tooth integrity. These composites are the preferred choice for a kids dental filling due to their tooth-friendly properties.

How are Composite Dental Fillings Placed?

At Galaxy Smiles For Kids, the placement of composite dental fillings reflects our commitment to state-of-the-art pediatric dental procedures. Our expert kids cavity filling dentist in Brighton begins by thoroughly cleaning the tooth, removing any decay. The tooth is then meticulously prepared, followed by the strategic layering of the composite material. Each layer is solidified with specialized light, ensuring a robust bond and a durable solution fitting for the dynamic lifestyle of children.

How to Care for Composite Dental Fillings

Maintaining composite dental fillings is simple yet essential. Our clinic stresses the importance of consistent oral hygiene, including twice-daily brushing and regular flossing. Regular dental visits to our kids dental office are recommended for ongoing care. Additionally, we advise avoiding certain foods that might compromise the fillings. With diligent care, these fillings can be a long-lasting solution, contributing significantly to your child’s oral health.

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